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360Tuners don't buy from these schmucks.I placed an order on the 11th of April.

They said it was on it's way, come to find out two weeks later that it's on backorder. Then a week later i call and find out that the company they get it from had moved. Then i file a complaint with them they just cancelled the order. what kind of c*&p is that.

Now they just won't answer the phone. No one is there to take my call.

They need to get the employees of the phone and do the their jobs.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I ordered headlights from this company, called to see when I would be getting them.And the product was supposedly in their warehouse.

I asked when I would actually be getting my headlights, and he didn't know! He then proceeded to ask me what my *** problem was, you do not say that to a customer first of all. Then he threatened me telling me he had my bank account information. On top of that he canceled my order and hung up on me.

Wish I saw this site before ordering. I better get my money back.



these *** freaking bustards are trying to reap me off.I placed an order three weeks ago for my bmw 740i and still haven't received neither email nor shipping confirmation from these *** ooooos.

:( I tried calling these fools, but they won't answer my calls. i spent over 500 bucks on these stuffs. i will never let them take this money. i will pursue them legally by all means if they reap me off.

it is very shameful of them not being able to fulfill their promises. i will make sure i get my money back. ***. i wish i had found this review site before taking that risk with my money.

This is my first and last.i am done with them.


I ordered LED headlight AND taillights for my jetta two months ago and called to ask what was going on!They told me it was on backorder and would come in thursday (two weeks ago)!!!!

Called, no answer!!!I'm so frustrated!!!!!


I ordered halos October 2nd and regret not researching this company first. I'm going through the same hassles more or less. I called, they say its coming and I've gotten no shipping response.


i ordered a pair of headlights from them. They tried to tell me they couldn't send out my order because my credit card had a different address than where they were sending it. then i asked for my money back i received my lights 4 days later but i will never order from them again they're so unorganized they never answer the number on the site there's a second customer service number that they do answer


Order side mirrors for my bmw three weeks ago paid 90.00 never got them they never pick up the phone lost my money this company sucks big time

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #138322

Ordered headlights for my impala, didnt fit,tried to send back, they wont answer phone or emails.Im out 200.00 Ill let the credit card co.

deal with them.Soon credit card cos wont deal with these crooks!

Driyorejo, Jawa Timur, Indonesia #34868

Date Of Order: 8/28/2008

I ordered 2 mazda lights, still didn't send it no email answers, every time when I got the on the phone they will ship it next day... I payed 87.02 USD...

I'm a international buyer, this *** man...

We should bring them to court or FBI on their tails.

this is what a found out Administrative Contact , Technical Contact :

360 Tuners

2107D West Commonwealth Ave.

Unit 422

Alhambra, CA 91803


Phone: 888-888-8888

No body should be a victim of, lets make them famous

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #34079

You guys are scaring me, I placed an order on the 27th of August and have written and faxed to get some answers but no reply. Now I'm wondering if I'm in the same boat as the rest of you

Green Bay, Virginia, United States #22642

Did anyone get their orders? or what happened?

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